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The Ultimate Guide For Fearless, Authentic and Engaging Presentations

The Totally Engaged Audience
  • Create a powerful open and close
  • Develop and integrate humorous stories and vignettes to support key points and build rapport
  • Incorporate your personal story to build undeniable connections to your audience
  • Practice recognized audience retention techniques that play to your natural style - EDU-TRAIN-MENT
  • Understand how to leverage the laws of physics and the rules of the subconscious to create the outcomes you want with any group  
  • Learn optimal balance points for speed, rate and pace of delivery to connect with what is most important to each audience
  • Learn quick and highly effective techniques to reduce stress and fear before any presentation

Eventually we ALL have to speak in front of others! And those that can speak easily, comfortably and effectively before an audience can create all kinds of success opportunities for themselves.

The Totally Engaged Audience is written to easily accommodate anyone who has to speak where two or more are gathered. Starting from the preparation to the actual presentation and through to the close, this e-book is laid out in an easy to follow format.

This material will help you understand presentations via three types: Speech, Facilitation and Training. They all differ but are cumulatively presented because they are interwoven with each other and share many similarities.

In order to “Totally Engage Your Audience”, you must educate them, you must train them, and you must entertain them. Thus was born the phrase, “Edu-Train-Ment™.”

Through the “Edu-Train-Ment™” approach, you will begin to recognize the value of understanding these ideas, and their importance in conquering your fears, taking your speaking skills to the next level and being successful at any of these presentation types.
The Totally Engaged Audience provides the simple but necessary steps to help your presentation shine and for you to achieve the true goal:  An Engaged Audience.

Learn from a professional with over 30 years experience speaking to and training more than 50,000 people in 38 countries.